Keeping the Spirit of Live Music Alive: Conscious Concerts

We started these art and music events 5 months ago to bring hope and revival to the music industry, which is often overlooked and undervalued. Our goal was to create a space where artists could share their most raw and authentic material in an intimate setting, where every word is truly heard, and every emotion deeply felt.


At Conscious Concerts, we’ve crafted a safe haven for individuals to come alone or with loved ones, to connect and experience music without any judgment. It’s all about using music to convey the human journey through storytelling and song, encouraging us all to listen deeply and cherish the art of live music. This is something we need to keep alive in our world and in our souls.


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Join us for our next concerts on Friday, June 12th, and Friday, June 26th
Venue: Artful Yoga Gallery, 1 Vale Street, St Kilda