Danny Kneebon (Arielle’s Tears, 2018-2020)


Artist: Danny Kneebone


Archival UV commercial ink on a polymer

sub-straight, addition of 4, 1000mm x 840mm


Drawing inspiration from the mythology of angels, Ariella's Tears (2018) is a
photographic story piece illustrating the archangel who governs the natural world. The figure acts as a liaison between humanity and the elements. The completed image is deliberately staged in a
renaissance style, a story telling work. The angel clutches herself while gazing into the distance; this depicts her future fears about what may happen to our world. The skies represent our environment, the dark and violent colours on the left are overtaking the lighter dawning skies on the right, exemplifying the turning point in our planet’s overall health. The inclusion of the other angels in the background symbolises the eternal struggle that has been taking place about the
environment; the cooperation of humanity is imperative as heaven alone cannot save our world Ariella’s Tears was created to help share a story, that we need to work together, that we need to have faith. With the challengers that humankind face today not only does the world and the environment need healing but us as people need to as well. Arielle reminds us to have faith and be strong we need to come together and support one another. The symbolism of an Angel and specifically the Arch Angel Ariella was created to make this statement.  We all need healing to one extent or another, the Angel is a light to inspire and lift our spirits to heal and to come together to heal. There are angels spoken of in all religions in one form or another and they are the ones that carry a message of importance.