Soul Sunday’s – Your Monthly R&R For The Soul

Soul Sundays are treated like a sacred ancient we do together as a collective working on human themes and weaving spirituality with science (modern neuroscience and acient sciences).

Every month we put everything else to the side, and really take the time to journey to self. This month’s theme is; Elevate Your Perspective.


It is the animal part of our nature to be most impressed by what you can see and hear in the present – the latest news reports and trends, the opinions and actions of the people around you, whatever seems most dramatic. This is what makes us fall for alluring schemes that promise quick results and easy money. This is also what makes us overreact to present circumstances – becoming overly exhilirated or panicky as events turn one direction or the other.

For us humans, locked in the present moment, it is as if we are living at the base of the mountain. What is most apparent to our eyes – the other people around us, the surrounding forest – this gives us a limited, skewed vision of reality. The passage of time is like a slow ascent up the mountain. The emotions we felt in the present are no longer so strong; we can detach ourselves and see things more clearly.

The further we ascend with the passage of time, the more information we add to the picture.


This journey is about deepening and widening our perspective.


Your hosts:

Neha Kumar – lead Yoga teacher and meditation facilitator

Weaving philosophy, spoken word, slow movement of Yin (yoga) as we integrate the theme using ancient scripters. We’re transported with sound through crystal sound bowls and the energy they create and transmit in our bodies.


Hazel Ray – Journey into the Present with ‘Pause’ by Hazel Ray

Through the powerful modalities of music, meditation, breathwork, and journaling, “Pause” invites you to deepen your awareness of your true self and unlock profound potential. Led by Hazel Ray herself, you’ll embark on a gentle exploration of your being, fostering self-discovery and inner peace.


Trinidad – Art | Journaling

At this part of the journey we will connect through meditation, play with art supplies and creativity, and reflect through journaling.

… and remember, no previous art experience is needed. This is a space for all! Trini, a Chilean Visual Artist and Art Therapist has been holding creative spaces for people to connect with art, creativity and the community. Her belief is that art can help us create wellness, impacting our physical and mental health.


What’s included:

3 Workshop Sessions (Yoga and sound | ‘Pause’ music immersion show | Art & Journaling)

All materials for Art Class

Take home Journal


Cacao on arrival + Herbal Tea throughout