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Yoga is not merely about bending into pretzel-like poses or achieving physical flexibility; it is a comprehensive system for holistic wellbeing. Through the union of breath control (pranayama), physical postures (asanas), meditation (dhyana), and ethical principles (yamas and niyamas), yoga nourishes every aspect of our being. It strengthens our bodies while calming our minds, allowing us to cultivate self-awareness and find inner peace amidst chaos.

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Applicable only to 60min routine classes

Casual Drop In
5 Classes

Valid for 1 Month

10 Classes

Valid for 3 Months

The challenges we face on the mat teach us about how we show up to challenges in life.
Because how you do anything, is how you do EVERYTHING.

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We are all just human, trying to figure it out.

The adversity that we go through sets us up for incredible things.

You need to see adversity as the greatest gift of your life - because it is. But if you see it as the greatest adversity, you will stay in it much longer (sometimes a whole lifetime).

The question is: how to lean into the lessons and grow from it? This is what Yoga teaches you.

My greatest adversity through loss followed by depression led me to a Yoga class that completely transformed my perspective. Years later I am teaching my lessons and standing as an example that you can transform through anything.

Yoga is based on self-reformation, self-control and self-adjustment. When this reformation is accomplished you will see a new way of everything in your life, most of all you will see yourself clearly.

Neha Kumar

Yoga Instructor & Founder of AYG