Artful – All the modalities of Art 
Yoga  – Meaning ‘Union’


We are the first-of-a-kind immersive art space that is facilitating healing through ancient tools

Welcome to Artful Yoga Gallery, where art and healing unite to create a new wellness paradigm. We aim to build a healthy community by creating accessible mental health practices, ensuring that help is available without barriers.


Access to quality practitioners, institutes of healing and communities have been hard to come by in a world saturated with inflated wellness that is not accessible to the masses, and we believe this is just not right. All our classes/ events/ workshops we hope to make affordable and safe to access for anyone, anywhere along their journey. If there is anything that you find difficult to access but would like to, please let us know, we never want price to be a factor to access mental health.



Monday - Friday
By Appointment Only
1 Vale Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

This space is dedicated to my mum, a great gift to the world. She allowed me TO understand the meaning of life, and what it’s all about – service to the world and evolution of self.


I wanted a space where we can evolve as a collective.


– Neha Kumar, Founder AYG



“It is the artists of the world, the feelers and the thinkers who will ultimately save us; who can articulate, educate, defy, insist, sing and shout the big dreams.”


– Leonard Bernstein

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What We Offer

Artists Community

Join our collaborative space designed for artists, creators, and wellness practitioners. Experience the opportunity to rent our space, fostering a community dedicated to healing. Become a part of our movement as we strive to contribute to the world’s healing through the power of art. We welcome you to be a part of this transformative journey.

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Your Way to Wellness

Embark on a journey to inner peace and harmony with our thoughtfully crafted classes. Designed to guide participants in focusing on their breath, mind, and body, our studio offers a serene haven for rejuvenation. With all the essential amenities, we create a comfortable and tranquil space for our clients to unwind. Our mission is to make the practices of yoga and art accessible to everyone, regardless of their expertise or experience level.
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Get Engaged

Get involved! Immerse yourself in a realm of well-being with our diverse array of offerings, featuring art exhibitions, yoga classes, life coaching sessions, ceremonial events, hens parties, and more. Embrace the community spirit with our membership plans that provide access to our courses. Explore the option to rent our studio, and join us on the path to enriching our community. Come be a part of the journey towards holistic health and well-being.
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Our mission is to make healing, spaces and communities accessible without any barriers. We are committed to transforming the lives of millions of humans, creating a revolution in the process.

Our Wellness Classes

Yin Yoga

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
6pm – 7pm
1 hr
A $5 (first timers) – A$20

Sunday Breath Yoga Meditation 


10am – 11:30am

1.5 hr

Creative Journaling & Art Class


6pm – 7:30pm

1.5 hr


Gallery Available for Venue Hire

Co-working Studio Available for Rent

Discover a vibrant co-working studio space ready for rent! Become part of a dynamic community of creatives, entrepreneurs, and artists, surrounded by an inspiring artistic atmosphere. Elevate your workspace experience on the floating mezzanine floor, where six unique studio rooms await your presence, overlooking the gallery below. Embrace creativity and collaboration in this innovative co-working environment.

Hello Creators, Revolutionaries and the Disruptors, You’re Very Welcome Here. Apply to Exhibit With Us in 2024.

Why the community loves AYG